Are you a tutoring service for students struggling with math in their day school?

Our main service is our after-school math academy for high-performing or gifted math students. However, we do provide private tutoring for students that need help filling in missing conceptual gaps in order to build a strong foundation in math.

Where are the classes held?

Private Tutoring: Local Coffee Shops in Verrado | Math Academy: TBD

What days and times are the classes?

Monday through Thursday 4 - 7 pm | Sunday 4 - 7 pm

How long is each class?

Tutoring: 60 minutes | Math Academy: 90 minutes

What grade levels does the math academy target?

Tutoring: K - 12th grade and some college courses | Academy: 3rd - 9th grade

How often does my child attend math class?

Tutoring: 1 hour sessions 1-2 times per week | Academy: Once a week for about 16 weeks

Does my child have to take a pretest to enroll in math academy?

Yes, the pretest will determine what math class to place your child in.

How much does it cost to attend math academy?

Tutoring: $50 per hour or 4-1 hr sessions for $160 | Academy: Each class is about $25 that is paid in full at the beginning of each semester