There’s nothing like experiencing an “aha!” moment as you study math. At AHA! Math Academy, we work hard to facilitate these exhilarating, empowering moments for students from third through ninth grade. Our courses within our math academy make it possible for all kinds of students to access our support. Ultimately, we do this because we believe that gifted and high-performing students deserve professional math training that comes to them.

At AHA! Math Academy, we’re honored to mentor and train students who are hungry for challenges and enjoy math. We were founded by a professional math teacher with more than 16 years of experience and an abiding passion for math education. We understand that the school years are highly formative for young people, and we want to be a safe, encouraging space for kids who enjoy math. With our training, these students will reinforce their love for math and find that careers in STEM are within their reach. This mission makes us genuinely excited to do what we do!

Reasonably priced, our services come in a variety of formats and happen at different times of year. We’re dedicated to connecting with students year-round. When you choose AHA! Math Academy, you choose math education at its finest. Contact us to schedule your student’s 30-minute consultation today.

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Sessions are offered in the summer for students in the 3rd-9th grade.

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Private tutoring sessions are offered for students k-12 and some college.